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Missing teeth can cause additional dental problems over time when they are not addressed promptly or properly.

On a personal level, you may be embarrassed about missing teeth,

For example, the remaining natural teeth may shift position, there may be bone loss in the jaw, and the gums can recede

You may be frustrated when eating, and perhaps have trouble speaking clearly and we can treat these issues to help you look and feel great.

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Our Fixed Crowns & Bridges Treatment

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Fixed crowns and bridges are a type of restoration that can replace one or more spaces created by missing teeth. A crown can be placed in the gap caused by a missing tooth, and is attached to the tooth root or a neighboring tooth. It can also be permanently attached to a dental implant that is placed in jaw. Crowns also work well as a cosmetic procedure even when teeth aren't missing. They can be placed over existing teeth to close gaps between teeth or to add symmetry and balance to a smile, along with restoring broken teeth.

Bridges are similar as far as options for attachment, and are used for missing sections of teeth rather than a single tooth. With a comprehensive exam by one of our specialists and a firm understanding of your goals for treatment, we will determine if the best option is to attach a bridge to a neighboring tooth (or teeth), or to use an implant-supported bridge where porcelain teeth are connected to one another and then to the dental implant rods in the jaw.

We can answer any questions you may have about any of our procedures, and can even show you examples with photos, computer renderings and 3-D models.

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